The last performances of Borderland in Bordeaux!!!

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If you don’t had the opportunity yet to see Borderland, come and join us for the very last time at the ‘Parc aux Angéliques’ in Bordeaux! Bring in the crowds!!!!
At 16.30h on : 2, 9, 12 and 19 December
At 20.30h on : 30 November, 1, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21 and 22 December
Some evenings the show is followed by an after party with live concerts:
1 December: Secib at 22.00h
8 December: Garce at 22.00h
14 December: Minndiaka at 22.00h and Sofar at 23.00h
20 December: Café Saturne at 22.00h
22 December: Sheriff Mouloud Y El Zorro Loco at 22.00h and Dead Wood at 23.00h
L’Insoleuse will have an exposition and silk screen in our yellow tent from 30 November till 22 December!
For reservations, please go to Festik.
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gratentour, here we come !

As part of a territorial project with the Gratentour‘municapality (Toulouse metropolis), we come to plant our tent all October-November near to the sports complex of this small city of energy and daring.
On the menu: 2 dates of BorderLand, 1 project of encounters and discoveries of the Circus Moderne Itinerant with the Claude Cornac College, 2 dates of CabaReady, 2 concerts, 1 exhibition and 1 creative residence of Low Cost Empire.SATURDAY 13 OCTOBER // BorderLand at 8:30 pm + concert by The G.R.A.V.’s
SUNDAY 14 OCTOBER // BorderLand at 4 pm


So saves the dates !!!
Facebook event and festick link


Season openings like bingo !

For September, Cirque Pardi! store in the closet his sneakers of saefty (of course) and his sunglasses…
After Oleron in July with BorderLand and Aurillac in August with Rouge Nord, we are getting closer to the capital all this month. And like everyone else, we are preparing for the start of the season by participating in two Cirque Pole season presentations.
Rouge Nord is hosted by the PalcFuries (National Circus Pole in prefiguration // Chalons-en-Champagne). The team will play Thursday, September 13 at 19h Place Foch and offer a carte blanche on Sunday 16 at 17h in the gardens of the City Hall of Saint-Memmie.
A little advice: think to raise the head in the air!
Low Cost Empire (temporary title) is in creative residency all month at the Firmin Gémier Theater // La Piscine (National Circus Pole of Antony). A seasonal presentation has just been proposed Tuesday, September 11 under our tent, with the Pipo Company, Marc Jeancourt (director of the Theater Firmin Gémier // The Pool) and staged by Patrick Pineau.
You were many! Thank you !

flyer rgn aurillac

Rouge Nord departing for Aurillac !

For the international street art festival of Aurillac, we will present our new show : Rouge Nord. It’s a performance in public space -45 minutes-
The show will be played from 22 to 25 August at 18 pm. 
We will be part of a collective : La Toulousaine de Cirque in the sports field of Belbex, pastille 14 !!!!!


Big thanks to Aire de Cirque, wich welcomed in their place in the island of Oléron. Thank you to our friends of xyz circo who helped us and did some photos and videos !
page 1 plaquette Aire de Cirque


next stop for borderland : dolus d’oléron !

Next stop in the beautifull place of Dolus d’Oléron. To see the show, make your reservation at or at phone []. Hosting by Aire de Cirque.

See you in the tent, the 20-21-22-24-25-27-28 july at 21:00. Food and drink at the tent. 

rgn le mans


Rouge nord in residency, Soon the internationale debut at lärz, germany.

JUNE / Residency with Kulturkosmos in Germany to present in FUSION FEST the internationale debut the 28 June.

JULY / Go to Nantes at Transfert festival the 11 July with a Carte Blanche and  the 13 for the show Rouge Nord.




Fresh circus

One part of Pardi’s team will be happy to meet you in Bruxelles for the Fresh Circus… 

30X15 ouvert -15x15 fermé OK


next stop : le mans

In partnership with Le Mans’s city and the circus’ place, join us in Le Mans from the 13 to the 22 of April.

Next, Rouge Nord will be in residency in that place for 3 weeks. 

europenne de cirque


rouge nord in residency at la grainerie, toulouse, france

From the 5 to the 22 of october, Rouge Nord is working on circusdiscipline, music and machinery. They present a step of creation the 20 of october at 19:00, programmed by l’Européenne de Cirques

Follow the residency on facebook

circa 2017


new creations’presentation in Circa festival

Cirque Pardi will be in CIRCA at the professionnal meetings the 24 of october to present the two creations in productions. 


recto amsterdam web


BorderLand in amsterdam!

See you in Amsterdam for an auto-production in partnership with the Bostheater from the 13 until the 24 september. 

For the reservation, follow the link !

photo resi larz rgn 2



Rouge Nord team next meeting is in Lärz for 3 weeks of residency. It finish by 3 dates of Rouge Nord – Carte Blanche – in At.Tension Festival : 1.2 and 3 of september. 

Follow them on facebook !

photo resi larz rgn
paléo visuel website



Join the madness of 6 days full of artistic proposition. Music, shows, exposition… To discover the programmation, follow the link

Cirque Pardi! build the tent in « La Ruche », a place dedicate to the show in Paléo wich celebrates its 10 years !


Fusion'16 22


we build the tent at onderstroom festival!

Join us from the 30 of june until the 9 th of july at Onderstroom Festival in Vlissingen! The first weekend, you can find a pub in our tent, and super super concert the 1 of July, ORANGE MECANIQUE !

To buy tickets, please, follow the link… TICKETS

Picture 4.4 - Carte Blanche Sicile - Traversée funambule Rouge Nord



Rouge Nord’s team have presented a first step of working in Scenica Festival at Vittoria this weekend. Thanks also to DeadWood’s band wich have ade the musique with Antoine Bocquet.



go back to holland at Festival onderstroom !

To see the sea and the show BorderLand, one plan is perfect for holidays…. Onderstroom Festival. It take place in Vlissigen. From 30 june until the 9 of july, we put the tent in Vlissingen. More informations soon…



LOW COST EMPIRE, first picture!

The first residency have been during the big top’s installation in Toulouse. Artists were tranning and experiencing together… For shure, it will be surprising!

Low Cost Empire [provisional title – creation 2019 – modern circus show under a big top]



ROUGE nord, a new creation for public space!

Directly, from the red to the north… Welcome on the new blog dedicate to that new creation in progress /

Rouge Nord [creation 2018 – performs show, plastic installations]



on month in toulouse, public was at the meeting!

Thanks to everybodyfor that month full of activities. We have host a formation, 2 others shows, play our famous BorderLand 😉 and receive children from a local school! Yes, it was great.



A vist to Agen: A decembre full of program

The big top is this month facing the cultural centre of Agen. Besides the humoristic, experimental show BorderLand there will be lots of guests performing in the yellow big top. For information about BorderLand check the agenda. Here you’ll find some information about the sideshows….

Saturday 10/ 22.00 Concert of Sheriff Mouloud y el Zorro Loco free entrance

Sunday 11 / daytime / Stage d’aérien With Daniel Gorich / a collaboration between Cirque Pardi! and Cirk’n Co

Tuesday 13 / 20.30 / Concerts by the southern voice Jacques & Jacques and Sylvian Reverte duo. reservations before the show or at 0033 5 53 67 16 52

Sunday 18 / 13.30 / Cabaret des ateliers de Cirk’n Co / free entrance

friday 23 / 22.00 / concert de << i >> par 2 artists of Circus – Antoine Bocquet and Carola Arambure / after the show / free entrance

7 till 23 th / Humanimos / Pop-art exhibition by Kie Amore

7 till 23 th / Roads / Photographic expo by Antoine Bocquet about Cirque Pardi / Mediatheque Passage D’agen


Next stop : festival circolo

We are happy to let you know that Cirque Pardi! is invited to play at Festival Circolo from 26 til 30 october in Liempde, Holland. Every day at 16.00 o’clock BorderLand will be playing with a little new touch followed by some live serigraphics by Emile Onstenk. Besides BorderLand and Emile there will be some other really good shows playing at the biggest circustheater festival of Holland. So if you are around and like to get inspired come and visit us!



aurillac web

BOrderland in the festival of aurillac

Cirque Pardi! is coming back soon to Aurillac to present BorderLand. You can find us at “Terrain des Marmiers” (3).

Festival of Aurillac’s website


Cirque Pardi! @ De Vasim – from July 8 to 15

De weken voorafgaand aan de Nijmeegse vierdaagsefeesten zal Cirque Pardi! haar gele circustent opbouwen op Cultuurspinnerij de VASIM in Nijmegen om daar zesmaal Borderland te vertonen. Van het visuele tot het onzichtbare, van lichaamstaal tot het onuitspreekbare, dit eerlijke en experimentele circus zal je ogen strelen en je oren doen suizen. Een gewaagde en moderne circustheatervoorstelling voor jong en oud.
Voorafgaand en na de voorstelling kunnen de bezoekers een drankje drinken, hun nieuwsgierigheid en verwondering uiten op het terras rondom de tent op het waanzinnig mooie terrein van de VASIM.

[The weeks before the Nijmeegse four days marches Cirque Pardi! will build her yellow big top at Cultuuspinnerij De VASIM in Nijmegen. From the visual to the invisible, from body language to the unspoken, honest and experimental circus that caresses you eyes and blasts your ears.
Before and after the shows the public can enjoy a drink, express their curiosity and wonder around the big top at the stunning surrounding of the VASIM.]



Go to the fusion festival!

June 29 to July 2 – Lärz – Germany

Arrête ton cirque

We are still in Bretagne … Go to Paimpont in the forest of Broceliande for the festival Arrête Ton Cirque (Stop Your Circus) from 3 to 5 June!

Flyer Betton


Cirque Pardi! in Betton
Zone verte complexe sportif de la Touche

Some dates of BorderLand…
Friday 6 May (20h30)
Saturday 7 May (20h30)
Sunday 8 May (16h30)
Wednesday 18 May (16h30)
Friday 20 May (20h30)
Saturday 21 May (20h30)S
unday 22 May (16h30)

Booking & Pre-sales:
Except the ‘Carte Sortir’: booking and purchase at the entrance of the tent.

What to see & do in the tent:
Concerts / live printings on clothings / Exposition
Meeting and projection at the library of Betton – Saturday 14 May at 14h30.

Picture news 1


L’Usine in Toulouse opened its doors from 22 to 26 January for a week of refurbishment of the big top. On the program: washing and repairing the tent and painting of the metal parts.

While some were struggling with the tent, others were juggling with html codes. We proudly present our new website, created by Frederiek Hamers of Studio Hamers. A new visual universe with news and background information; Yes, now we will keep you up to date with the news: come and have a look more often. You can also find the latest news on Facebook.

logo cirque pardi