21st February to 25th March
Low Cost Empire (working title)
Artistic residency at CIRCa
National Circus Pôle – Auch (32)
CANCELED // Sunday 28th April at 12h00
Rouge Nord
Plaza del Ayuntamiento
Valence – ESPANISH
5th May to 1rst June
Low Cost Empire (working title)
Artistic residency at La Verrerie d’Alès
– Work in progress the 23th at 7pm –
National Circus Pôle – Alès (30)
3rd to 14th June
Low Cost Empire (working title)
Music residency at Le Tortill’Art
–Work in progress the 14th at 6:30 am —
Show Place of Saint-Amans-Soult (81)
5th July
Rouge Nord
Le Cratère
National Scene of Alès (30)
10th & 11th August
Rouge Nord
NDSM, Amsterdam // Pays-Bas
2nd Septembre to 21st Octobre
Low Cost Paradise
Artistic residency at CIRK’EOLE
Circus school of Montigny-Lès-Metz (57)
24th at 28th July
Rouge Nord
Festival Chalons dans la Rue
Terrain Vernier avec La Toulousaine de Cirque  
Chalons-sur-Saône (71)
25 July
Rouge Nord
La Karrière Vill’art
Villars Fontaire (21)
18th & 19th Octobre
Low Cost Paradise
Preview at CIRK’EOLE
Montigny-Lès-Metz (57)
6th & 7th Decembre
Low Cost Paradise
Firts official at Temps de Cirque Dans l’Aude
at Lagrasse (11)
Occitania National Circus Pôle – Alès

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