LOW COST PARADISE – in creation



For all ages
Pardi’s Big top
llective creation 2019
Staging by Garniouze



Tell me, William

We did not even think about what will happen to the Empire if the King dies one day. He’s old, he forgets what he will say, only dust is left to his orders.Empiricism has become a mere word, replaced by others, such as “communication”, “culture”, or even “the king’s burial”. When that empiricism is connected with the Empire, if only etymologically, it is time to organize.

We think about it right now, live on stage of Pardi!

The Empire falls into a gloomy place, it has still some colors left. The old man is even older, now he can become the king. The young one is older too, that’s a normal procedure, and he will become the king. And the other ones, same thing, are older than before, and they crown themselves with real crowns that they find in the dirt so they become the king of the Empire.

So now, dear observer, we do not longer speak of normality.

The hierarchy: abandoned!  The prince, her son, the queens, the people, the bird, everybody: the king! Plural: singular!  And: vice versa! 
Time: deviated from its straight line! 
Dimensions: countless axes! 
Oh, oneiric attack! Reveal us your delusions!
Make us choose between our absurd desires, between being and pretending!

The Empire finds itself in a hole, it moves, it is noisy,  there are big walls around it to protect it from the rising water. If you are, by any chance, a pelican flying over it, you will spend some time above it without even knowing why. You’ll go down to put on a real king’s crown. There are about three of these Queens dancing the pogo-dance. They are the King of the Empire.  You will be seduced by their silent hysteria, and feel the desire to be part of this soap opera, which releases the most hazardous acts of this circus! It is even quite possible that you, erratic pelican, are the mother of William Tell, King of the Empire!

Your new sovereignty will suit you, it is close to the freedom of your dreams, because you’re surrounded by locked up sovereigns. When you find out the color of your blood at lunchtime, you will already have decided to cut off your wings. Red will mix with the cold, and the blue blood will turn into green in the altitude. This height, however, has lost it’s sense now. It claims its lost values and sings the song of the King’s dance.

And after dinner, when all the plates are finished, when all the guests have smoked there cigarette, they will lie down, gently, without any special reasons.

And then they die.

They simply die.

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cast and crew

Antoine BOCQUET – Performer, Musician, Sound installation
– Circusperformer, Musician, Aerial hoop, Dance
– Circusperformer
– Clown, New Magic, Manipulating objects
– Partner acrobatics
– Partner acrobatics
Eva ORDONEZ – Trapeze

Timothé LOUSTALOT GARES – Tightrope walker, General light and sound Tech
– Comedian, General direction, machinery and construction
Maël TORTEL – Equilibrist, Construction and machinery   
Janssens RILLH – Tech, Rigger, sound specialist and consctruction