creation In-Situ in public space

Is there a word to describe the calm before the storm?
Rouge Nord
Exquisite fatality.
This enjoyable moment of tension is born between silence and turbulence.
A bright feeling of an approaching gust…
Uncertain future.
Sweet clarity of an eventual storm plunges us into this moment of suspension.

Mechanic is a poetry, music is a language,
the wire is a dream, public space is a pillar of expression.

Rouge Nord is an adventure that starts in the daytime.
A park, a street, a square,
where visuals installations is to be discovered,
a visible sound gallery that can be explore, read and heard.


A feeling of confusion is offered to those who pass by,
who are used to theses places.
Is this an event in the past, present or future?
Is there an intended development ? Is it even possible ?

The noise of an engine rises and opens the door to action.
The crane unfolds its antennas on the budding music.
Just in front of yours eyes, an unexpected scene takes place.
Suspended moment.
No, it’s not an accident
but an eye-opener to a metal-colored dream.

The wire is tensed, the funambolist breathes.
70 meters, go straight, no doubts,
the public is behind you, on the edge,
Rouge Nord, it’s a call!



Timothé LOUSTALOT GARES – Tightrope walker, manager
Aloïs PESQUER – Manipulator, manager
Antoine BOCQUET – Musician, composer
Rémi BERNARD – Machinist, technician
Carola ARAMBURU – Actress, musician

Credits Photographs [ Circusögraphy / Aloïs Pesquer / Mika Dimier / Pierre Puech ]


Show, performance and scenographic installation
Creation 2018 – For all ages

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