Modern Circus show (Past show)

All Ages/  50 minutes under a big top/ Collective creation 2013

In Cabaret Pardi! we find the raw artistic material of the artists, resulting from their first collaboration. This show is the result of a very short-term creation process: only three weeks to write and rehearse. Still, it already announces some of the ideas which will be developed during their next creations.


What is behind these television shows and these beautiful, well-worked images that recognize your needs and your emotions, in which the director knows exactly what the public is going to feel?

What is there behind this smooth and sanitized world? Where are the people, with their characteristics, their dreams, their faults, their paranoia’s, and their simplicity? Where are these real moments, with those who are not in the spotlights?

And what happens when we turn this ongoing machine of media exposure?
Then comes the alleviation of feeling honest simplicity, without these stereotyped, absurd and ridiculous ideals.


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Staff / crew

Maël Tortel –  Equilibre sur main – Portée acrobatique main à main
Loïc Praud alias Pelo –  Acrobatie
Anhalou Serre – Trapèze volant – Chant
Chiara Bagni – Trapèze – Danse – Chant
Pierro Le Gouallec alias Pierro – Portée acrobatique main à main
Thierry De Chaunac – Clown, comédien
Antoine Bocquet – Musique, manipulation d’objets
Monsieur Renard

Création musicale et régie son
Antoine Bocquet
Mathieu Prual (cohésion musicale)

Création lumière et régie technique
Sébastien Le Reste et Cyril Monteil (groupe Merci)

Scénographie, costumes et accessoires
Lola Kirchner

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