A Modern Circus-Cabaret Show

Suitable for all ages & Suitable for schools
50 min under a big top or open air / Collective creation 2013

When the performers enter on stage
When they face the galleries full of curious glances,
they have so much to tell you,
with such a decisive desire
that you cannot  stop watching….

They radiate in their circus specialties,
their humour and poetry.
Are You Ready?

  • 6 cabaready
  • 5 cabaready
  • 5 Top
  • 1 cabaready
  • 2 cabaready
  • Cirque Pardi! - Borderland - Chalon dans la Rue 2015 © Sileks
  • 4 cabaready

This cabaret can be adapted to each venue and is suitable for all types of demands.
The program varies according to the invited artists.
We regularly invite artists-friends to collaborate with us in this cabaret to create new artistic dynamics .
Adapted creation
The project may be an in-Situ project, where the performers create and adapt their acts to their environment.


Maël Tortel, Equilibre sur pneu / Pneumobile – 7 min
Maël Tortel, Equilibre sur les mains / Réflexions  – 7 min
Loïc Praud alias Pelo, Mini Trampoline / Use it ! – 6 min
Thierry De Chaunac, Clown sans nez / Monsieur Renard – en continu
Thierry De Chaunac, Clown sans nez / La reine d’Angleterre -13 min
Carola Aramburu, Cerceau aérien / Rio por no llorar – 9 min
Timothée Loustalot Gares et Antoine Bocquet, Funambule et son / Autonomous – 10 min
Daniel Görich, Corde lisse / I like it… tsss ! – durée 8 min

Création musicale
Antoine Bocquet
Sébastien Le Reste
Carola Aramburu
Loïc Praud alias Pelo

Thimothé Loustalot Gares – Régie générale / Régie son
Sébastien Lereste – Régie Lumière

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