CIRQUE PARDI! under a big top

Pardi! is an aesthetic and artistic research that comes face to face with the public,
with an originally designed and homemade big top,
trying to find her autonomy as a cultural association,
proposing social and cultural side events to create social mixture,
a very brave team,
a balance between tradition and modernity.

We work with highly skilled circus artists.
We experiment with sincere meetings on every level.

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A chronology that describes the collective…

The circus was founded in 2011

The circus was founded in 2011 through an initiative of Maël Tortel. After 5 years of touring-experience with the circus ’Les Têtes en l’air’, he is full of ideas: new artistic perspectives, an original big top and administrative and logistical innovations.

2012 The Tent becomes real

Maël and Garlic start designing the tent. The fabrics are ordered and delivered from Italy, while the constructors work on the metallic structure in the ateliers of Tonnes de Faire. This structure will be the starting point of a new circus collective with its original artistic proposals. The tent is baptized in December 2012.

 2013 The laboratories

On stage we find Pelo, Antoine Bocquet, Thierry de Chaunac, Maël Tortel, Antoine Bocquet, Chiara Bagni, Anhalou Serre and Pierre Le Gouallec. During the artistic laboratories the team starts to create a common artistic universe. We get to meet each other on stage and around the big top, because work and private life are not so separated in circus life. In 2013 the first show, ‘Cabaret Pardi!, premières. A dozen artists present the first lines of their collective artistic research. Now Cirque Pardi! can start its adventure
on the road. At the same time Máel Tortel, Elsa Pereira and Malika Louadoudi lay the foundations of the administrative association and start the production, communication and PR. A lot of investments, but the machine has been started.

 2014 The manifest

2014, après trois années de recherches artistiques, de construction et de structuration, Pardi! propose sa dernière création, BorderLand. Une partie de l’ancienne équipe fusionne avec des artistes sortis du Lido. Le chapiteau et le rock fédèrent cette équipe qui va travailler collectivement ce spectacle sous le regard aiguisé de Elske Van Gelder (My!Laika) et Nicolas Quetelard (220 Vols). Cette création collective se pose en manifeste et affirme l’identité du cirque : un cirque­théâtre visuel, risqué et expérimental.

 2015 and 2016 / De la route !

New plans still emerge, but we take a break for new big constructions, because now we are going to hit the road. Borderland will be playing all over France and internationally. In Germany and Holland new future perspectives are growing. The collective organises auto-productions, which provide human, material and financial autonomy. In July Cirque Pardi! organised a big collective of 16 companies called ‘La Toulousaine de Cirque’  to go to the street arts festival ‘Chalon dans la rue’, gaining good visibility during this promotion festival. After all a crazy tour of almost eight months..

 2017 / new creation in progress…

2 new creations in progress… Rouge Nord, a show for public space will be ready in 2018 [scenography, music and tightrope walker]. Low Cost Empire [provisional title – modern circus under a big top] will come in 2019. During that time, we are on the road with BorderLand and looking for a location in Toulouse.

An identity

If it is a life project, then it is life that animates and motivates these people.
Four babies are born since the beginning of Pardi!: Ida, Léonie, Yfke and Frida.

Last but not least, we should not forget our base, the farm of ‘The Kirchners’ at Fontenilles. They host Cirque Pardi’s daily life, the convoy, the ateliers and the tent since 2011. This place and these people are the roots of our tree.

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