The tent is the first step towards adventures and a guarantee to meet people.

Ever since 2012, Pardi! knows that the story of this circus would be written on the asphalt.

The process of designing and constructing the tent took over a year, and became real when Maël Tortel and Garlic Humeau built the metal structure in the ateliers of ‘Tonnes de Faire’ at Corsavi (66). Afterwards, Pardi passed by L’Usine, Mix’art Myris and the farm of Garrousset, during their creation The fabric was delivered by Ortona in Italy. Pardi!’s signature is its three masts, its triangular dome and its spacious entrance.

A circus tent is a temporary structure, which completely changes the landscape.

A tent has the unique ability to transform a public place. By its simple presence, it creates new perspectives on possible activities in this well-known public area; this stimulates the curiosity and imagination of each passenger.

Building up a tent also means defining at each venue new collaborations with the local cultural organisation. Long implantation periods are ideal, to increase the number of shows and to open the doors to local initiatives.  

The tent has even a political character: during these years of decreasing budgets, a tent allows us to recreate the direct link between the audience and the artists. By re-establishing this direct link, we avoid existing financial dilution that we find in different phases of the cultural business.

Cirque Pardi! is happy to propose their way of playing at your place, at their place..

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Characteristics of the tent

  • Tent: 20m x 27m
  • 20m circle, with a keystone corridor of 7m x 5m
  • Ideal space to build up the tent + tight wire construction + caravans: 35m x 60m
  • Ideal space to build up the tent + tight wire construction + caravans: 45m x 60m
  • 3 round poles, placed in a triangle
  • Height of the poles: 13m
  • Circular stage: diameter of 10,80m
  • Height of the side poles: 4m
  • Height under the dome: 10m
  • Dimensions of the dome: triangle of 6m long and 4m wide
  • 2 days to build up and 2 days to break down
  • Tribunes of 6 row-benches with 6 access stairs (360 seats)
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