Here you can find all the social cultural proposals and projects in the surroundings of the tent that we have developed until now. In our opinion, new possibilities for side projects are infinite. These projects will depend on the collaboration and capacity of local associations at each venue; therefore it is better to contact us. 


Workshop ‘Let’s create’

During this experience of a collective creation you will become the writer of your own composition.
Two important questions are: How can circus disciplines become a way of expression?
and What does it mean to be on stage?

To go on stage often causes shyness and judgments. Appropriating this space needs time and confidence. A pleasant and playful approach allows to demystify the plateau, to express oneself causes a release, and this is how we can connect to our creativity.

The approach on stage
We work on group movements and on how to listen to yourself and others. At the same time we search for individual and collective expression. The group is a new element and the singularity of each person are its strength. We learn new rituals: those of being on stage.

Time for discussion
Every day there will be some time for discussions to define the implicit contract that exists between artists and between the public and artists.

Different tools at our disposal
We help you to understand your environment, and teach you how to go from physical expressions to dramaturgy. By using these tools, traditional circus disciplines transform into contemporary art.

atelier de cirque

Circus workshops

Practising circus is searching for your physical limitations: you will learn how to trust and to surpass yourself.

Students can come and discover several circus disciplines in a safe and playful manner. In these classes we work on self-confidence, physical preparation, relaxation, working on your body conscience, stretching and teamwork. These classes can be given to all levels: from beginners to high-level professionals.

The workshops are carried out by two professionals, and allow for 15 participants. The duration of the workshops depends on the age, level and the number of the students; we propose two different circus disciplines per workshop. The minimum time for a workshop is two hours. The main objective of the workshops is to share experiences, so we will always be attentive to personal rhythms.

The workshop in four stages:
– Warming-up with games.
– Physical preparation: strength and flexibility.
– Practice in each circus discipline.
– Stretching and relaxation.

jeu piste

Treasure Hunting

Imagine a real circus adventure; find the answer to all your questions…This is a game where you will discover all these surprising characters that one encounters at a circus..  It’s a playful and educational game designed for children from 5 to 16 years! And we are even working on an adult version…

Oh there you have a musician playing for his fishes! Or the rope climber who never comes down, and an acrobat having a duet with his sanding machine; even a fantastic mother baking millions of pancakes in her caravan. And where is this tightrope walker going? To the top of the tent? But are they telling the truth; this is what you will have to find out. Children can now discover all the secrets of this promising area in and around the tent, they can go and watch behind the curtains; they can visit the caravans and construction area’s by asking questions to all these funny characters. And when the find the right answers, there is the big finally.

accueil sous chapiteau

Welcome in our tent

The tent open its doors to accommodate all kind of side events, such as exhibitions, concerts, dance nights, etc… We will open the night with our current neighbours…

Programming is not our job, yet we do want to invite our neighbours. Our tent offers the perfect opportunity for other artists to come and enjoy this beautiful theatrical space. Modern circus includes different arts like dance, live music and theatre. To liberate the traditional image of circus, which is mainly meant for families, we invite other artists to share our space. This will attract different types of public and maybe even a new curiosity for modern circus. We want to break usual habits and prejudices to contribute to the emancipation of the image of what circus can be.

discussions en action

Discussion in action

We often leave a show with new inspirations and many questions. We observe the artists and their caravans from a little distance and with a lot of curiosity. This is why it could be interesting to share a moment together.

There are a lot of possibilities: Discussions with the artists on technical and/or artistic aspects, a meeting with the light designer.. When you look closely to the ins and outs of a travelling circus, you will find out that there are a lot of topics to talk about. We invite children, schools, students  – also arts-, cinema- and architecture students to exchange with us, under the big top or in and around our caravans. These discussions are often accompanied with visits of the tent….

logo cirque pardi