LOW COST PARADISE – in creation



For all ages
Pardi’s Big top
llective creation 2019
Staging by Garniouze



« Any resemblance to reality is not a coincidence at all »
 With traditional circus codes likes a round circus ring, an orchestra or a clown, Cirque Pardi! present a contemporary circus show.
A tribute to fragility.
A cry of joy broken by fatigue.
« Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the paradise of the forgotten… »
In this living space that seems like an eternal arthouse movie, artists move grom the shadows to the light, allowing themselves to transcend thier own characters, from fiction to reality, never forgetting that they are directors of their own existence.
It’s tragis, it’s funny, it’s absurd… It’s life.
Armed with beauty and claiming justice, Low Cost Paradise shows us the poetry of reality. Behind the scenes of life and entertainement. Unless it’s the other way around.
In the middle of this chaotic period, this gang choose to dance until the end.
The artists, builders and light engineers, from all over the word, offer a daring universe between chemicals, plastic and coffe…
A maelstrom sublimated by live musiciens.
Fixed trapeze, swinging trapeze, dance, acrobatic cycling, funambulism, acrobatic lifts, clowning and juggling are mixed in a magical and theatrical universe.
A work of Total Art, in a big top.

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cast and crew

Antoine BOCQUET – Performer, Musician, Sound installation
– Circusperformer, Musician, Aerial hoop, Dance
– Circusperformer
– Clown, New Magic, Manipulating objects
– Partner acrobatics
– Partner acrobatics
Eva ORDONEZ – Trapeze

Timothé LOUSTALOT GARES – Tightrope walker, General light and sound Tech
Maël TORTEL – Equilibrist, Construction and machinery   
Janssens RILLH – Tech, Rigger, sound specialist and consctruction