Cirque Pardi! loves to come to your place. To develop projects with local initiatives, because the tent offers a beautiful space during both day and night-time.

One of the main reasons that we play and travel with this huge tent is that we not only want to meet our public, but also would like to invite them to participate in this adventure of a travelling cultural and artistic melting pot. We are looking for crossroads with varied audiences, to share our history and experiences with other people’s visions at the places where we go. We also would like to contribute to the emancipation of the judgements and expectations of what circus is or can be, by showing what modern circus is.

Therefore Cirque Pardi! has developed some tools to get to know more about circus arts and the artists. These tools are always suitable to adapt to any demands, so it is best to contact us so we can start brainstorming together about all the side projects that we/you could create!


From knowledge to let know…  Some tools in our pocket…

Photo-sur-le-terrainOn the venues

A little glimpse to earlier experiences of collaborations…
Examples of our involvement on the human and geographical side.

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